What we do

Since its launch event in July 2014, the Europe+ alliance has undertaken many activities. You can find out more about this work below:

Statement on Hungarian Commissioner Nomination

22 September 2014

In the course of the past few months we have witnessed a very serious escalation of attacks in Hungary against the core European values of democracy and the respect for human rights. This ranges from attempts to curb media freedom to direct threats against civil society organisations, as recently shown by the Government-ordered police raids on two NGOs. More.

A call for the renewal of European democracy 

7 July 2014

Anti-democratic forces are gaining ground at many levels of European society. Now is the time for Europe to renew democracy and introduce participation, Niccolo Milanese and Peter Oomsels write.

In a global perspective, democracy was the most successful political project of the 20th century. Today, while we are still at the beginning of the 21st century, its success seems to be dwindling. More.

Europe+ launch event: a call for the renewal of European democracy

8 July 2014


9 July 2014: Yesterday marked the official launch of Europe+ in the European Parliament, a broad grass-roots alliance in which the European Movement International joins over 40 civil society organisations to call for renewed and better functioning of democracy in the EU.

Europe+ exists to encourage institutional reform and an open and transparent treaty revision process that would reinforce representative democracy, building on the example of the Convention on the Future of Europe, the alliance’s members will create spaces to discuss, advocate and campaign for reform. More.

An open letter to Members of the European Parliament

1 July 2014

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To the Members of the European Parliament,

The European Parliament election results demonstrate a strong desire for change. From today you have the opportunity to turn a new page, make daring political choices and propose institutional changes that will bring the EU closer to its citizens. If you don’t act now, others will take the opportunity for negative reform. More.