About us

Europe+ is a transparent and inclusive space for debate created by, and for civil society, to design a constructive regeneration of the European project. Consisting of 40+ European civil society organisations, working together for positive democratic change in the EU through the active and better involvement of citizens in representative and participative democracy, institutional reforms and policy changes.

The Mission

Europe+ is committed to relaunching and strengthening the European debate and civil dialogue between civil society and open and responsive institutions, at all levels of democratic life (European, national, regional, local and grassroots), and builds on the recommendations of the European Year of Citizens Alliance 2013 (EYCA).

Europe+ will work towards this mission by reflecting on ideas and tools for a renewed and better-functioning democracy in Europe.



  • To work with civil society organisations on an ongoing basis to develop a truly participative democracy that is able to hold national and supranational structures to account
  • To work within the current parliamentary term to propose and advocate for changes in the European institutional architecture and functioning to promote more democracy, based on the functioning of current treaties
  • To work specifically with representatives of the European Parliament, as the main democratic body within the institutions, to seek a route towards future Treaty Change
  • To always stand up for/reinforce representative democracy throughout Europe by inhabiting a space where citizens are engaged in open and transparent debate on European democratic renewal with the aim of building these debates into lobbying activities and countering Eurosceptic claims
  • To work within the current parliamentary term to learn from previous attempts at Treaty Change, such as the text by the Convention on the future of Europe, in order to propose a workable solution that reinforces representative democracy and encourages member states to engage in minimal standards of consultation



The alliance is led by a Steering Committee, made up of representatives elected from the Europe+ member organisations. In addition, Europe+ also has a Communications Taskforce that is responsible for coordinating outreach with representatives of the press and to citizens.

The Steering Committee and Communications Task force both meet up several times a year, whilst all members come together in plenary sesions twice a year. The Most recent plenary seesion was held in Rome on Thursday 27 November. Photos from this event can be found here.

You can find out about the membership of Europe+ here.